F A Q' s

How much is your Gym? 

A question we receive a fair amount online. There's different prices for different services. As we are a Personal and Group Training gym the level of support or service each person feels they need will differ, unlike other gyms where its a membership price and then left to your own devices.

For an idea on pricing our group monthly membership is £40pm,

Personal Training services start from £126 per 4 weeks. We also offer other bespoke programs also at limited times throughout the year too.

What do you mean not like other gyms?

Whilst technically we are a gym, our main services are more client based. We personalise our services to the needs of the clients. working with them covering  exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. We don't offer a service for people to turn up if and when they feel like it. We are appointment only. 

What do you mean by appointment only?

We don't offer a pay and turn up during opening hours service. As we are primarily a personal and group training gym, we set appointments with clients and have a set schedule for groups and classes. This is much more effective helping both clients and our trainers with organisation, accountability and working towards results. As this is the case, we don't cater for drop ins. All enquiries come through via email, text or social media. you can message us here

Do you offer free trials?

One off trials aren't something we offer. We don't take on people without assessment and consultation. This keeps your energy, focus and time usage maximised, also best helps us advise you on your approach. Far too many people attend sessions or classes or enter programs in the fitness world that wont benefit them and this is a reason many people unfortunately fail to see the benefits or results they want.

 However we do offer an Intro pass which is a 3 week taster of 1:1 service and class schedule, this helps you experience our way as well as understand how we operate and if you feel our approach is right for you. 

What is your opening times?

Whilst we do have a frame workout for opening times these aren't set. By being appointment only, we are here when we have an appointment. Our first session of the day is 6am and last session 8pm. Weekends 7am until 4pm. This is why we don't accept drop ins. 

Do you do pay as you go sessions?

No, results aren't achieved in one session here and there. Consistency is vital for any program. So we and your goals require a longer commitment than one session at random times. this is why we work in 6 week cycles or offer monthly memberships. 

There's plenty of gyms our there that offer drop ins and pay as you go. But in our view a pay as you go PT session is just a very expensive workout! 

Is there a contract for group membership?

No Contract or exit clause. We aren't here to keep people against their will or penalise them. Simply pay your monthly fee and attend that month, it'll roll until you cancel it or ask us to cancel it for you.

Your question not here? that's ok drop us a message here and we'll answer.